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Our website's mascot, Scarlett Rose!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: When do you upload comics?
A: We upload comics every other day so a day upload and a day not, then repeat. We can miss a day sometimes. (random hours)

Q: How many new comics with each upload?
A: Between 10 and 100 comics. This depends on the free time I have.

Q: Is there a way to download full comics?
A: Yes, there is a download button on every gallery. (older comics still need to be updated though)

Q: Why can't I see the newly uploaded comics?
A: You may have to delete your browser's cache to fix this problem.

Q: Which browser works best with your website?
A: This website works with all browsers on mobile and desktop.

Q: Will there be more of [artist name, category, subject] comics?
A: We can't see in the future so we don't know if there will be more comics of the said subject.

Q: I have been banned from discord! Is there a way to get unbanned?
A: Yes, you can submit a request
here to get unbanned but it is up to the mods to decide.

Q: Do you have a mobile app?
A: Yes, but it is very basic. You can download the android version
here. It is still a work in progress. Ios version will be added later.

Q: Can I search multiple tags?
A: Yes, you can select multiple tags, artists, groups and parodies in the left section of the search bar.

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You can request content, ask general questions or discuss stuff with other readers. Try to be respectful to one another. Any comment with the word "admin" in it will be seen by an admin.